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We love to shop offline, there is nothing like traditional grocery shopping! Wasn’t the true purpose of grocery shopping is to bring you a feeling of joy and happiness? The word shopping would excite anyone and fill with a sense of joy.

It is not about what you want; but about what you will find as you hope around the store to takeaway. Make an informed decision as you feel and hold the product unlike just watching a zoomed image of it online.

Gicchii supermarket

“With the availability of large variety of the goods, Gicchii Supermarket helps customer in the selection of best goods.Get all the goods of daily and regular needs to the consumers under one roof. Your favorite chocolate cookies, the refreshing drinks, your time pass snacks & something relishing too much on.
Out of rice & flour or pulses & edible oil, rush to your nearest Gicchii Supermarket, get everything instantly.For edibles, the expiry data is also very important. At Gicchii supermarket, you can immediately replace the products. The level of comfort and trust is more towards the shopkeeper then unknown staff in an online customer support for an online marketplace.”

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